Webinar – The Fraser Estuary – Birds on the Pacific Flyway

Raincoast Conservation Foundation
12 May 2021

Webinar – The Fraser Estuary – Birds on the Pacific Flyway

Join Amie MacDonald and James Casey from Birds Canada to explore the intricate network of sites – including BC’s Fraser Estuary – where birds stop to fuel up as they migrate along the Pacific Flyway. Part of a webinar series hosted by Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

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The Fraser Estuary is a part of an intricate network of bird stopovers that make up the Pacific Flyway. In this webinar we will discuss how the Fraser Estuary is linked to estuaries, and other ecosystems along the entire Pacific coast of North and South America.

Connected Estuary
As a nursery and feeding ground, the Fraser River Estuary connects a food web linking people, fish, birds and marine mammals across two hemispheres. Connected Estuary is a 6 episode webinar series that explores what science can tell us about the history, vulnerability and connectivity of the Fraser Estuary.

Featured Guests

Amie MacDonald is the Motus Wildlife Tracking System coordinator for British Columbia with Birds Canada. She is interested in using tracking technologies to support shorebird research and conservation in the Fraser Estuary and more broadly.

James Casey is the Fraser Estuary Specialist at Birds Canada.