Learning to Listen: Indigenous Birds and Plants

08 Oct 2020
19:00 - 20:30

Learning to Listen: Indigenous Birds and Plants

Come join Lori Snyder and RedSara Ross to learn about Indigenous plants and their importance for our ‘winged’ friends.

At this time of great unease the earth needs each one of us to be able to see and hear clearly. What wisdom do indigenous birds and plants have to share with those who will listen? How can we tune in? Join us to witness and hear for yourself in this virtual gathering.

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Lori Snyder (she/her) is a Metis herbalist & educator of wild, native and medicinal plants. Born in Squamish, her ancestry of 8 Indigenous nations spreads from the ‘East’ across Turtle Island. She is called to share the wisdom of plants at elementary and secondary schools and presents at Professional Development days within the Metro Vancouver School Districts. Lori is currently the “eco-artist in residence” at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre. Here she care takes the Medicine Wheel garden, offers various workshops on permaculture, medicine making, and garden consulting. In 2020 Lori partnered with Laura Cisneros as the “Artist in Residence” at Hastings Community Centre. Now completed, Lori teamed up with ‘Farm2School’ to facilitate Indigenous ‘Foodscapes’ into school yard gardens to help co-create living legacies for future generations.

RedSara Ross (she/her) loves birds, and has been paying attention to them all her life. She is a former Lead Instructor at Soaring Eagle Nature School, and currently teaches “Bird Language” and Nature Connection throughout the lower mainland. Under the wing of Still Moon Arts she leads the annual Crow Roost Twilight Bike Ride. At heart Sara is a caretaker of land and community who aims to be a good uninvited guest on these unceeded territories by supporting front-line land defenders, among other things. More at https://redsara.wordpress.com/