Getting on Nature’s Wavelength: Birdwatching in the City

Toronto Bird Celebration & Birds Canada / Oiseaux Canada & Quest Nature Tours
20 May 2021
9:00 - 10:00

Getting on Nature’s Wavelength: Birdwatching in the City

Getting on Nature’s Wavelength (Tuning Out The White Noise): Birdwatching in the City with “The Urban Birder”, David Lindo

Live in a city? Think birds are “somewhere else,” like in the countryside or Algonquin Park? If you said yes, this session is for you! We talk with David Lindo, also known as “The Urban Birder”—a writer, guide, speaker, and naturalist. David will take us on a journey from his early career in the United Kingdom as a filing clerk in a tax office towards living the dream of making a profession out of a hobby, becoming an international naturalist, nature TV host and writer. We will explore how to tune out the dog barks, sirens, and plane sounds to get onto nature’s wavelength in the city. As part of the urban birding experience, David will also share how to get others involved and excited about nature and the importance of going beyond ticking boxes to “seeing what you see” anywhere you are.

Do you want to know how to bird without binoculars? Us too! Bring your questions for David Lindo and enjoy this wonderful lunch with birds.

This opportunity comes to you free, thanks to the support of Quest Nature Tours.

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David’s latest book: How To Be An Urban Birder is now available. You can buy it at The Urban Birder or Princeton University Press.

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