Vancouver Bird Week

may 3-10, 2014

Informed by research conducted by Stephane Fontaine at City Studio, organizers undertook Vancouver’s first ever Vancouver City Bird competition. The purpose of the City Bird competition was to raise awareness about bird species to new audiences through various media formats and to assist in the promotion of Bird Week events. Competitions like this have been used in very few locations around the world prior to Vancouver’s launch in 2014, but those that had made attempts demonstrated success in engaging their public.

City Bird nominees were chosen based on interviews with local birders conducted by Stephane Fontaine and discussions with bird advisory committee members. These were then further narrowed down by Bird Week organizers to only include resident bird species of the lower mainland (ie. species that do not migrate to other regions for winter or breeding). It was decided that due to the popularity of Bird Week 2013’s ‘Society of Crow’s’ talk by Rob Butler, that the northwestern crow would serve as honorary City Bird for 2014 for promotional purposes.


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May 10, 2014

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