150 for 150

What better way for Canadians to celebrate our 150th anniversary than by getting to know our birds. The challenge I set for this year is to see 150 species of birds in Vancouver for the Canada 150-year celebration. You can let us know how you are progressing on your 150 list and follow my progress on twitter @drrobbutler. There are 691 species recorded in Canada and many North American birds migrate to our country to breed so you won’t need to go far to see birds – a park near to your home is a good place to begin.

To get you started, go to the Nature Vancouver website where you will find the Vancouver Bird Checklist. The checklist will narrow down the number of species shown in your field guide to those present in Vancouver with additional information on when they are present in the year. There you will also find Nature Vancouver’s new bird finding book that is getting rave reviews. eBird is an online app that most birders are using these days to keep records of what they see. With a pair of binoculars and a field guide you will be ready to go.

Nature Vancouver offers bird walks several days each month so check out their schedule. Of course, you can join us at Bird Week in May when there will be all kinds of birding events for everyone.

Rob Butler
Chair, Bird Week 2017